At PlumCheeks, we have got our hearts and hopes set on a greener, cleaner future for our little plums. We are strong believers of the fact that small steps bear impactful results. Hence, here are some efforts we are making as a team to make this world a healthier place to live in:


We are mindful of our environmental impact and hence use only natural and organic fabrics. We make use of organic cotton, khadi and ahimsa silk which are hand-woven and hand-spun.

We refrain from using synthetic fabrics (like rayon, polyester and nylon) that are difficult to decompose and hence pose a threat to the environment.

We don’t use plastic/metal buttons in our garments. Instead, we use GOTS certified natural coconut buttons or hand-made trims for closures and details.

Additionally, we use azo-free and natural dyes that are safe for the planet as well as children. In the future, we aim to introduce new fabrics that have a lower eco-footprint along with reducing our fabric waste.


We are working towards making our packaging completely plastic-free and 100% biodegradable.

We send out your orders in cute, reusable potli bags which are made from misprinted or wrongly dyed waste fabrics.

Additionally, we use a cotton/jute string to tie and creative paper tags that can be later used as bookmarks.


We operate on a made-to-order basis, implying that a product is made only after we receive an order for it, thereby eliminating excess production and the associated wastage.


The PC studio strives to minimise waste as much as possible. We are big believers of upcycling all “katrans” (scraps) of fabric into hair accessories, buntings, rakhis and more.


A kid's birthday party is a culmination of all shapes, forms and colors of wasteful plastic.

As part of our upcycling initiative, we have introduced “Party with PC” kits, that can help to plan a sustainable birthday party for your kid!

This kit comes with upcycled fabric balloons, buntings and party hats that are completely made from waste fabrics, hence eliminating the need for plastic balloons and décor.

Hope this will help you plan a greener birthday party for your little one!


Let's make our little plums understand the significance of slow fashion and conscious clothing to make this world just a teensy bit greener, cleaner and healthier for them!